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The High-Impact Keynote Template

The High-Impact Keynote Template...simpler & more POWERFUL!

I have finally updated the [High-Impact Keynote] Template for Coaches, Consultants Authors and Speakers. I have taught this all over the world.

It’s now updated, simpler & more POWERFUL! It will allow you to:

  • Craft the outline of your signature talk so you never have to memorize a talk again.
  • Bring your audience on a specifically designed journey towards a buying decision without any high-pressure sales tactics at all.
  • Duplicate the process for any talk, workshop, seminar or webinar so you can monetize every opportunity!
  • Use this Template for presentations from 2 minutes long to a full day seminar.

I got tired of hauling all my unsold books and programs home after every talk and putting on seminars for near empty rooms. I have tried every presentation format under the sun, including all the high-pressure sales tactics, and non of them generated any results for me.

So … I created this [High-Impact Keynote] Template out of necessity through years of research and trial and error. When executed properly, it generates amazing results!

“I sold more books in one presentation than I’ve sold all year…books were flying off the table!” - Sandra

“I’ve used the High-Impact Keynote Template and earned $102,325 in a single talk!!” - Carol

REMEMBER This tool is designed to build the outline of your talk, NOT THE ENTIRE TALK.