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By the end of this two-day, immersive experience you will have a professionally crafted signature talk with a unique and powerful message that you can deliver anywhere, and in your own unique style without memorizing and reciting an entire speech.

Your unique talk will be scalable so you can deliver it in as little as 5 minutes or extend it into a 60-minute keynote address. It will be flexible so you can easily customize it for any audience, and it will be strategically crafted to convert your offer, if you have one, or to educate if that is the purpose.

Prior to Your Training

You will send us any current versions of your talk and videos of you speaking so we
familiarize ourselves with your content, message and style.

You’ll have a 60-minute preparation interview (over ZOOM) in which you and Steve will
explore your:
- Desired outcomes
- Audience
- Speaking experience
- Overall message and purpose
- Current or planned offers

Program Outline



By the end of day 1 you will have all the content you’ll need to assemble your signature talk.

AM: Your Signature Story:

Using a specific formula you will craft the primary story that will drive your main message. You will also learn the formula so that you can duplicate it to change the main story in order to customize your talk to specific audiences or update your talk.

PM: Signature Message:

Using Steve’s proprietary methodology called “Deep Thought Strategy™”, you’ll uncover your unique, transformational message and weave that message through your story to give it context and power.



By the end of day 2 you will have your signature talk constructed and you’ll be able to deliver it immediately (without visual aids) while applying your own unique style.

AM: Your Signature Talk:

Using Steve’s proprietary “High-Impact Keynote Template™”, you’ll assemble your signature story, signature message and your offer into a powerful keynote-style talk that you’ll be able to scale, adapt and update any time you need to.

PM: Signature Style:

Here you will practice delivering your new signature talk while combining professional platform techniques with your own, unique style. You’ll apply body language techniques, principles of language and tactical stagecraft all designed to empower your delivery, so your new signature talk has the most power.

After Your Training

30-days support: Stay in touch with Steve while you refine your signature talk over the next 30 days. Steve will be available via email and short calls as required to ensure that the finished product is your very best.

Event video recordings: Your entire two-day experience will be video recorded, and you
will receive the unedited recordings for your future review.

Video review: Send Steve a video of your next speaking gig and he will do a personalized
review of your performance. You and Steve will get on a ZOOM call and he will make his
recommendations to uplevel your game even further. This must be done within 3 months of
your two-day experience with Steve.


The High Impact Speakers' Studio

You will be granted one year FREE access to THISS (The High-Impact Speakers Studio) - Value $1,164/year

VIP Private


Tuition: $35,000 USD
By Application Only

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